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Epoxy Wood

Epoxy Resins for Wood

If you have wood pieces that need refurbishment or repair, you need to buy a wood epoxy resin for the job. This article will fully inform you on the different types of epoxy resins for wood for your particular project

Top polyurethane for floors​

Top polyurethane for floors

When looking at the best polyurethane for floors, you might find that the process, stressful. This article helps you find the best polyurethane ideal for your floor.

Top outdoor wood sealer

Top outdoor wood sealers

Giving your wood great protection, wood sealers have several properties that need to be considered. Make sure it can give you the protection against UV rays, water, and mildew. If you prefer natural products, check the ingredients to keep your yard and loved ones protected.


Best exterior paints for wood

Aside from the incredible aesthetic value, good exterior paint provides vital functional advantages. Some benefits can either be immediate, while others accumulate over time as a way of saving on maintenance costs.

Clear coat for kitchen cabinets

Have you had or planned a kitchen remodel recently? And find that after you have improved everything else in the kitchen, the cabinet still looks weather-beaten, and wondering which coat will be appropriate to use. This discussion tries to simplify the process for you.

Best Primer for bare wood​

Best Primer for bare wood

Primers are ideal in ensuring that the painting surfaces have a seamless uniform texture for the paint to adhere correctly. Finding the best paint for bare wood can be challenging, we have made it easy for you by reviewing the top 10 best primers.

Maple Wood board

Top wood for cutting board

Cutting boards are essential for any kitchen. Some of the key features to look for are durability, food safety, asthetics, sustainability and affordability. Here are our hand picked chopping blocks.

best oil based polyurethane for hardwood floors

Best oil based polyurethane for hardwood floors

Picking out the right polyurethane for your flooring can be difficult, but we’re here to help. We have gathered up our top ten picks to help you determine what type of coating your wood flooring might need.


Best wood wax

We need to invest in a furniture wax if we want it to last long and preserve its beauty . However, the availability of so many brands in the market makes it pretty daunting to select the best one. We have prepared reviews of ten of the best furniture wax

best furniture oil for wood

Best Oils for wood

Commonly used on kitchen utensils and wood furniture, oil finishes are typically non-toxic, eco-friendly, and food-safe cleaners. They can also help repair wood and give it a more textured grain pattern than other types of cleaning products.

Best deck sealers

Best deck sealers

With time, the effects of weather, mildew, rot and other factors can completely ruin a wooden deck. Thanks to deck stains, also known as wood deck sealers, you can protect your deck and maintain its appearance for years.

Best Exterior Wood Stains

While highlighting the natural beauty and texture of the wood, exterior stain on wood creates a waterproof barrier that will protect the wood from UV rays, mold, and mildew. Check some tips and reviews.

Woodworking has been with modern humans since the dawn of time. The oldest ax that we know of is at least 44,000 years old. We’re naturally drawn to working with all kinds of woods for many reasons. In some ways, wood is a more flexible construction material than concrete or steel.

Even in today’s highly digital economy, old-fashioned wood craftsmanship is a highly respected trade. There’s certainly been a resurgence of interest in woodworking as of late. Thanks to the Internet, even the most unskilled prospective woodworkers can conquer carpentry projects right off the bat. By getting their hands dirty, amateurs develop a greater appreciation for the fine art of woodworking.

Say Hello to Your One-Stop Woodworking Knowledge Shop

At Wood Whiz, we’re all about educating the general public when it comes to woodworking techniques, tools and materials. Whether you’re a rank amateur or a seasoned woodworking veteran, perusing our electronic pages will make you a more capable artisan. Even casual readers with no interest in woodworking can use our articles to better inform their home improvement decisions.

Our informative guides address an array of woodworking topics including finishes, stains, sealers, fasteners and power tools. If you’re looking for a treatise on choosing the right screws or stain for a new deck, you’ve come to the right place. Wood Whiz is the definitive source of information for curious would-be woodworkers who need accurate advice in a hurry.

The Upsides of Woodworking Know-How

Being handy when it comes to building with wood can confer a variety of benefits to anyone.

  • Lower Home Improvement Bills: When you know your way around wood, you don’t need to hire a professional to do the hands-on work for you. By doing so, you can save yourself some serious scratch regardless of the theoretical project’s time frame. The money that you save on labor can be better invested in superior materials.

  • Superior Results: Hiring a contractor to address your woodworking problems rather than tackling them yourself isn’t always a sure-fire recipe for success. By handling a project on your own, you can choose your preferred lumber stock, fasteners and stains. What’s more, you can take your time and ensure that attention to detail is unimpeachable.

  • Quicker Renovation Times: Hiring a professional woodworker to replace flooring and put up fencing often involves annoying delays. If you can do the work yourself, you don’t have to worry about a contractor sticking to an agreement and showing up on time. When scheduling is a concern, the ability to do the work yourself is invaluable.

  • Potential Side Income: In an age where many Americans can’t even change a flat tire, practical skills like woodworking can be quite lucrative. Homeowners will always be willing to pay good money for custom fences, decks and cabinetry. Amateur woodworkers with some experience can turn a tidy profit by completing home improvement projects on the side.

  • Greater Life Satisfaction: Believe it or not, woodworking can be every bit as therapeutic as fly fishing or spending an afternoon at the ballpark. Few activities make the stress of everyday life melt away like crafting beautiful yet practical creations out of wood. Once you catch the woodworking bug, it’s hard to stop.

Start Your Woodworking Education Today!

Even the quickest learners need a little guidance if they wish to master a discipline. Wood Whiz is always here to assist aspiring woodworkers in achieving their goals. If you have a vexing woodworking question, there’s a good chance you’ll find the answer at Wood Whiz.

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