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Best Brush for Polyurethane


This paintbrush is a durable and cost-efficient option for those looking to paint large areas or surfaces.

The brush is 7×2 inches with three-inch filaments. The brush head is wide and can help you cover large areas in a short amount of time. This brush can handle large projects and help you finish the job quicker.


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Top 5 Brush for Polyurethane

Best Quality PRODUCTS



This paintbrush is a durable and cost-efficient option for those looking to paint large areas or surfaces.

The brush is 7×2 inches with three-inch filaments. The brush head is wide and can help you cover large areas in a short amount of time. This brush can handle large projects and help you finish the job quicker.

Perdura Pro Series states that this brush was designed for durability and longevity. The filaments are securely fastened to the brush to prevent them from falling out. The bristles are easily cleaned to ensure your brush can be used for various types of projects.

The brush is capable of holding large amounts of paint at once, which allows you to get into hard to reach cracks and corners.

Its large brush head and compatible handle connector are designed to be used while standing up to prevent knee and back pain. Its versatile handle enables you to use your preferred length and style of paint stick or broom handle.

This brush is also cost-efficient due to its durability and its easily cleaned bristles. The filaments are designed to be long-lasting, allowing you to use this brush on various types of projects. It can handle jobs on wood or concrete that use water or oil-based paints, stains, sealers, epoxy and varnishing.


Bravo Stainer Bristle (F5116)

This paintbrush is designed for smooth application. The brush comes in various sizes to accommodate any project you might face.

The Wooster Brush Company states that their brush is specially designed to be used with oil-based liquids such as oil-based paints, stains, and toners. It is also good for applying acrylics.

This brush features White China bristles that ensure your paint will be spread out evenly. The bristles allow you to load the brush with a sizable amount of paint at a time and apply it in an even coat.

It features a hardwood handle with a bucket clip. This brush is good for handheld brushing needs and allows you to reach cracks and corners.

The brush’s handle is also removable, allowing the brush to be fitted to an extension pole if desired.


Perdura Rapid Stain

This brush is built for speed and accuracy at the tip of your fingers.

Perdura Pro Series states that their brush is fast and accurate on nearly any paint job. Their brush can be used on big jobs, like coating your fencing, or on smaller ones, like coating your bedside table.

The brush is 5×1 inches, and the lengths of its filaments vary. The handle is lightweight and has rounded edges to maximize your comfort while working.

The handle is also equipped with a removable steel bucket clip and a universal screw mount. A paint pole or extension rod can turn this handheld brush into one that can be used while standing.

It also includes a brush comb that can be used to get rid of loose filaments before you start a new project. Its easily cleaned design proves its lasting durability and allows you to use this product on various projects.


Linzer 0600 Project Select Premium Stain'N 3550

This brush is an affordable option for those in need of a quick painting solution.

Sears states that this brush is a cost-efficient buy due to its ability to work on both large and small projects.

The brush is 6×1 inches and made from polyester and bristle filaments. This blend allows the bristles to be more flexible and allow the brush to reach hard to get spaces and crevices.

The handle is made of threaded plastic that is more stain-resistant than wooden handles. This brush also has a removable handle to allow it to be used on the end of an extension pole to be useful for larger projects.

It is designed to take on most wooden projects, working well with both stains and paints.


Angle Sash Display Box (Q3211)

This brush was designed to help you reach corners and hard to reach areas of your project.

The Wooster Brush Company states that its brush is optimal for tight space use. It is fitted with a flexible handle, which allows you to have a large range of mobility while painting. This allows you to reach difficult corners and angles that wouldn’t be possible with a larger brush.

The brush also features a brass plated steel ferrule and a synthetic blend of bristles. Nylon and gold polyester are combined to allow you to use this brush on any project that uses paint or stain.

Its small size also makes this brush easy to clean and store. A hole is cut in the handle that can be used to hang the brush from for drying and later storage.


Perdura Duet

These brushes offer a professional detailing option that will help you to finish up your project.

Perdura Pro Series states that their brushes can be used on indoor and outdoor trim and sash work due to their ability to reach tight spaces.

They are only 2-inches wide, allowing them to be highly accurate and good for detailing jobs. Their slim brush heads enable you to paint straight lines without worrying about leakage or dripping.

These brushes feature Stay-True synthetic filaments that ensure the bristles stay in place and do not fall out while you’re painting. They are also durable and can be used for multiple jobs.

Their specialized filaments also enable them to be used with any type of paint or stain.

The brushes feature rounded and smoothed wooden handles that make the handle more comfortable.


Premium Paint Brushes Set by Presa

This brush set is an affordable option for anyone in need of multiple brush sizes to complete a project.

Presa states that their five-piece brush set is durable and long-lasting. Their brushes are versatile and can be used on smooth and rough surfaces. The brushes are heavy-duty and can withstand abrasive surfaces.

The brush head features blended SRT filaments that allow it to hold 30% more paint than its competitors. Each brush is capable of handling medium and heavy body paints.

The filaments in each brush work to present a smooth and even finish. They provide precision and equal distribution of your paint across the surface of your project.


Loew Cornell 25 pk 1" Foam Brushes

This pack of paintbrushes offers a cheap and disposable option.

Joann Fabrics states that the brushes are great for any type of painting or staining work you are planning on doing.

The brushes are identical and are only 1-inch wide. They are designed for extremely small jobs and can reach into difficult to reach corners and cracks.

The pack comes with 25 disposable brushes. Each brush is fitted with a rounded wooden handle.

They can glide smoothly over your surfaces and provide you with a smooth finish.
Their foam brush head is able to absorb a sizeable amount of paint at a time, allowing a steady and detailed hand to easily coat a surface evenly.


XL Elite Dale

This brush is designed for heavy-duty detail painting jobs.

Purdy Professional Painting Tools states that their brush is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It comes in various thin brush sizes to fit any need. It is versatile and allows you to paint straight lines on both smooth and rough surfaces.

The brush is made from a blend of DuPont SRT, Chinex and Orel filaments that make it work well with any paint type.

This brush is specially designed to take on high solid, low VOC paints and heavy-body latex coatings. Thick paints and stains are often difficult to coat evenly, but this brush works hard to spread the paint smoothly across a surface.

The bristles are easy to clean, which increases the life span of the brush. It also comes equipped with wax covered keepers that reposition the bristles after they are cleaned so that the brush retains its natural shape.

The brush is hand-made and designed to have better airflow to prevent mold build-up within the bristles. The hand-chiseled brush minimalizes drag and allows you to have maximum paint lift, resulting in a smoother paint application process.


Foam King (3130)

This brush offers a more durable foam brush option.

The Wooster Brush Company states that this brush works well with any type of paint, varnish, stain, or clear coating. It is best suited for protective coatings due to its smooth finish capabilities.

The brush head is made from a thick polyurethane foam that allows even absorption and pressure to produce a smooth finish. The handle is made from white plastic with a stiffener blade that has flexing capabilities.

Its ability to flex enables the brush to finish a job so smoothly that no brush marks are visible on your finished surface.

This brush comes in various sizes to fit your painting needs. Its thin brush head enables you to create precise linework on your project without worrying about dripping or uneven coating.

This is a high-quality foam brush that is able to flex under slight pressure and be used on more than one project.


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