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Minwax Penetrating Wood Stain

Minwax Penetrating Wood Stain

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Ready Seal Exterior Stain

Ready Seal Exterior Stain

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Thompson's Water Seal Stain

Thompson's Water Seal Stain

Providing a more finished appearance, an exterior stain can also help to highlight the natural appearance of wood. Wood stains help to protect wood from UV rays, mildew, and water, which can also help to extend the life of your deck or outside furniture. There are many types and formulas of exterior stains that you can choose from, so it’s important to make sure you get the right type of stain for the project and wood you plan to stain. Here are a few wood stain reviews to help you find the best stain for your outdoor wood.

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Minwax Penetrating Wood Stain

Minwax Penetrating Wood Stain

Water-based and semi-transparent, Minwax Wood Stain lets you add a little bit of color to wood while still letting the wood grain show. This is an environmentally-friendly stain that can create a matte finish that is natural-looking and enhances the wood in your deck or outdoor furniture. Available in seven colors, you can easily find the right color to match the exterior of your home.

While a little more expensive than other wood stains, it is definitely worth the money. Using high-quality resin to improve its fade-resistance, it also features a mold and mildew resistance that makes it easy to maintain.

Easy to maintain, you won’t have to strip or sand the surface once you have applied a coat. This product is also 250 VOC compliant.

  • It has a gorgeous natural matte finish

  • The stain is easy to maintain and comes in seven colors

  • It’s pretty mildew resistant

  • It covers a pretty small area


Ready Seal Exterior Stain

Ready Seal Exterior Stain

This oil-based stain is available in seven colors, so you won’t have a problem matching the stain to your home’s exterior or finding on that suits your color preferences. The Ready Seal Exterior Stain is a semitransparent stain that allows you to still see the grain of the wood. Easy to apply, this is a thick stain that works with a sprayer, roller, or brush.

Suitable for different areas, the Ready Seal Stain can be applied in a variety of temperature ranges. Giving you enough stain for up to 175 square feet per gallon, you don’t need a primer when you use this stain. Penetrating deep into your wood providing a protective seal, you will need more stain if you are using it on older lumber.

It is darkest when you first apply it, but it will reach the correct color in about 14 days. Ready Seal does not require back brushing, and it won’t streak, run, or lap. The stain can blend itself and does not need thinning or diluting before applying it.

  • You don’t need to use a primer with it

  • It comes in seven colors and is easy to apply

  • The stain is pretty affordable and can be used in any temperature

  • If you have an old deck, you will need a lot of coats


Thompson's Water Seal Stain

Thompson's Water Seal Stain

Super affordable, Thompson’s Water Seal Stain is also a good value. Covering up to 400 square feet with each gallon, Thompson’s not only gives you great looking wood, but it can also help to stop water damage. Plus, it features an advanced polymer that prevents the wood from fading.

Effective in preventing mildew and UV damage, Thompson’s Water Seal is a transparent stain that allows you to still see the natural grain of the wood. There are five color options to choose from so you can easily find your preferred color or make it to your home’s exterior.

It easily applies to dry wood or freshly cleaned damp wood. Perfect for several applications, you can use Thompson’s Water Seal Stain on many outdoor wood staining projects. Plus, it exceeds the industry standard ASTM D-4446 for waterproofing wood.

  • This is really affordable stain that is fade-resistant

  • It is UV and mildew resistant

  • It can cover up to 400 square feet

  • It doesn’t last really long


KILZ Exterior Stain

KILZ Exterior Stain

Another pretty affordable stain on our list is the KILZ Exterior Stain. Providing long-lasting protection on any outside wood, you can use this transparent stain for your deck or other outdoor staining projects. This is a mildew resistant stain that will also waterproof the outside wood helping to maintain the integrity and beauty of wood in extreme weather conditions.

Using an acrylic formula, KILZ Exterior Stain helps to protect wood from rain, snow, and sun damage. You can cover up to 250 square feet with just one gallon to provide wood with long-lasting protection. It is intended to be used on unsealed or moderately weather wood that can include fences, shakes, siding, railing, wood furniture, shingles, and decks.

  • This is a pretty affordable stain that is easy to clean up

  • It gives you long-lasting protection

  • It has a waterproof and mildew-resistant finish

  • There are few color options with this stain


Minwax Gel Stain

Minwax Gel Stain

A versatile deck stain that can work for pretty much any type of wood, Minwax Deck Stain gives you a scuff-resistant surface that lasts a long time. It is also resistant to mildew and UV rays that can harm the wood. Available in 28 gorgeous colors, you can actually create up to 42 colors when you mix them.

You can use Minwax Gel Stain on stripped or bare wood that is either rough or smooth. It gives you a large surface area coverage in comparison to other stains, and it can be applied with a sprayer, roller, exterior paint pad, or brush.

You also get straightforward cleanup with Minwax Deck Stain, which only requires water and soap to wipe away any mess. Easily penetrating right down into the wood fibers, this deck stain easily highlights the grain allowing you to enjoy the natural look of your wood.

Typically, once Minwax  Stain is applied, it will dry in about two hours, which is short in comparison to other stains on the market. It is perfect for use on hardwood floors, molding, trim, wood doors, cabinets, and unfinished wood furniture.

  • This is a long-lasting stain that is also scuff-resistant

  • You can still enjoy the natural look of your wood after it is applied

  • It dries super quick and has a large coverage area

  • It is on the expensive side

  • Considerations When Choosing Wood Stains


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