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RUST-OLEUM 242219 Wood Finish

With a natural textured finish that is easy to apply, RUST-OLEUM 242219 Oil Wood Finish prevents abrasions, chipping, and peeling. Using an oil-based formula, this product is ideal for both sanded or finished wood that works well to protect wood under harsh weather conditions.


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Best Oils for Wood of 2020 in the Market

Coverage (quart)
Dry time (hours)
Editor Rating
Check Prize
100 – 150 sq ft
Watco Danish
up to 170 sq ft
Watco Teak
250 sq ft
Osmo – Polyx
100 – 150 sq ft
Formbys Finish
100 – 150 sq ft
125 – 150 sq ft
up to 170 sq ft
Tried and True
up to 250 sq ft
up to 250 sq ft
Watco Tung
up to 200 sq ft

Best Quality PRODUCTS


Hope’s 100% Pure Tung Oil

Giving you a beautiful finish and attractive shine, Hope’s 100% Pure Tung Oil is moisture-resistant and durable. Tung oil is well-known for being a leading natural drying oil from either South America or China. And, it’s known for being one of the wood oils on the market.

Never diluted or thinned, Hope’s 100% Pure Tung Oil is perfect for teak surfaces and furniture. You can also use it on wood floors since it is so durable. It penetrates deep into the wood grain and protects your furniture and wood products. With its hand-rubbed color and texture, this product gives your wood a gorgeous shine.

  • You get a really nice shine with this oil
  • The finish is pretty durable and long-lasting
  • It’s natural and made of 100% Tung
  • It can feel sticky a month after you put it on
  • You can use it on interior surfaces
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Real Milk Paint PTO-G Pure Tung Oil

Made with pure Tung oil, the natural Real Milk Paint PTO-G Pure Tung Oil contains no solvents or additives. This is not a diluted product, and it gives your wood a waterproof coat that is also flexible. You can use it on wood floors, concrete, bricks, bowls, countertops, and decks.

With the Real Milk Paint PTO-G Pure Tung Oil, you get a penetrating seal on the wood grain giving it a protective layer. This all-natural product is made from oil from the Tung nut, which helps the product protect wood from bad weather conditions.

  • It doesn’t have any VOCs and has a long shelf life
  • The surface doesn’t darken over time
  • You get a flexible coating that is also waterproof
  • You can’t apply it over another finish
Editor Score


Minwax Antique Oil Finish

Enhancing the beauty of wood, the Minwax Antique Oil Finish is an oil-based finish providing protection and a lustrous finish. It works on any wood type by sealing the surface of the wood while increasing durability and bringing out the beautify of the wood. This is the perfect product for tables, trim, doors, cabinets, and paneling.

You can use Minwax Antique Oil Finish on either an unfinished and finished wood surface. This product will require about two to three coats when applied. Application is easy and there is a quick drying time before you can buff. You should wait 24 hours before applying the next coat.

  • It gives the wood a lustrous and protective surface
  • You can use it on unfinished and finished surfaces.
  • The product dries quickly and penetrates deeply into the wood grain
  • The pouring mechanism is awkward which can waste oil when it is being applied.
  • It doesn’t work well on white pine.
Editor Score


RUST-OLEUM Danish Oil Finish

Perfect for interior wood surfaces, the RUST-OLEUM Danish Oil Finish includes a varnish with its natural oil finish. With tons of features, you get both the protection of the varnish along with the finishing properties you find in real wood oil. You can apply it to sanded, stripped, or bare wood.

When you apply RUST-OLEUM 65531 Oil Finish to any wood surface, the light walnut color will actually bring out rich tones. This is an easy to apply finish that penetrates deep into the wood surface to give you a gorgeous wood finish. This is a perfect finish for wood with a tight grain since it won’t destroy the wood’s pattern when it penetrates.

  • It provides protection, but won’t hide the wood’s grain
  • This is a safe product for stripped or sanded wood
  • This finish gives you a beautiful warm surface after application
  • You can only use it on interior wood
  • It will get dark over time
Editor Score


RUST-OLEUM 242219 Wood Finish

This unique product has a natural textured finish. RUST-OLEUM 242219 Oil Wood Finish sinks deep into the wood’s grain preventing abrasions, chipping, and peeling. Using an oil-based formula, this product is ideal for both sanded or finished wood that works well to protect wood under harsh weather conditions.

Creating a layer of protection, this is an easy to apply finish that you simply wipe onto the wood allowing the finish to soak into the wood. It works best on wood grains that are tight to get the best performance.

  • It doesn’t have a lot of VOCs
  • This is an easy to apply finish that gives you a warm finish
  • It prevents abrasion, chipping, and peeling
  • Users aren’t happy with how hard the product is to open
Editor Score


Sunnyside Corporation Wood Oil

This classic wood oil will enhance the grain in your wood using linseed oil without tampering or altering the wood’s color. Sunnyside Corporation Wood Oil seals wood completely upon application to stop any damage or cracks that can occur. You can use this product on both interior and exterior wood products.

In comparison to normal linseed oil, Sunnyside Corporation Wood Oil boils its product down improving its drying time in comparison to the raw product. This product can dry within 12 to 18 after application giving you a waterproof and uniform finish. It is also a safe product for furniture and most antiques.

  • This is a waterproof product that has a pretty fast drying time
  • It will stop chalking and cracks
  • It can strengthen an existing finish
  • You shouldn’t use it on pieces meant for food
  • It has a really strong smell
Editor Score



Perfect for hardwoods like teak, rosewood, and mahogany, RUST-OLEUM Teak Oil will penetrate deep down into the wood grain as it is applied and won’t leave cracks in it. This is a water and UV resistant product that is perfect for surfaces inside and out. It also dries quickly and works best if used above the waterline.

Containing a little varnish, RUST-OLEUM Teak Oil helps to give your wood products even better protection. It also gives you a gorgeous warm finish that may darken over the years.

  • It is water and UV ray resistant
  • You can use it on exterior and interior areas
  • This finish dries really fast and penetrates well into the wood
  • This is not a food-safe product
  • You shouldn’t use it on softwoods
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Tried & True Original Wood Finish

Invented in the 1800s, the Tried & True Original Wood Finish uses its original formula that is a combination of beeswax and linseed oil that is highly polymerized. Thanks to the oil’s unique features. It is safe for children’s play equipment, toys, and cutting boards. This natural finish product will seal wood and protect it from harsh conditions.

This wood finish is not just safe for kids, but it is also food safe according to the FDA, so you can apply it to surfaces that you prepare food on. This is a product that dries quickly in just a few hours after application.

  • It doesn’t contain solvents or metals
  • This finish is really durable
  • This is a food-safe product
  • You should only use it on surfaces inside
  • It has a bad smell that lasts a while
Editor Score


Formby Tung Oil Finish

Protecting the wood’s surface without changing the appearance of the grain, Formby Tung Oil Finish can only be used on interior surfaces. This low glow finish will dry clear, so it should be used to complement the wood. It also can prevent chalking due to its mildew and water-resistant features.

Ideal for anyone that prefers a satin finish over a gloss finish, Formby Tung Oil Finish is also a good choice on wood that has imperfections. It also comes with a low-gloss forum in case you want an option that gives a surface a hand-rubbed look.

  • It dries clear on wood and will complement an existing finish
  • This finish is mildew and water-resistant
  • The low gloss look is perfect if you have imperfections in the grain
  • You should only use it on interior projects
  • It is not intended for use on wood floors
Editor Score


Cabot Australian Natural Timber Oil

With great UV and water-resistance, the Cabot Australian Natural Timber Oil is more durable thanks to its deep penetration. It also gives you the ability to use a matte finish, which is different than many of the other finishes, which you can add a sheen to if you like.

Ideal for both hardwood and natural grain, the Cabot Timber Oil uses a mix of Tung oil and linseed, so it can take a while to dry. This strong finish is solvent-based, which can provide a pretty strong odor during application.

  • It has a good UV and water-resistance
  • It has a sheen that increases with each coat
  • This finish is great for hardwood grains
  • It can take a while to dry
  • This finish is solvent-based, so it has a strong odor
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